Virtual training success for our remote workers


Engaging with our remote support workers can be a complex procedure and with our team delivering services in the clients homes it can be even more challenging to engage, communicate and support our staff. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and you have a unique formula of obscure challenges and complex tasks to fulfil in order to meet our objectives.

In this, the new world, we have been getting our MDT teams, staff and communities together and trying to overcome these challenges by hosting lots of team meetings and delivering training sessions online.

Our clients, clinical, support and administration teams have been using on-line tools such as Teams and Zoom. This has enabled us to keep in touch, engage, deliver training and we’ve even had some fun along the way.

We are enormously grateful to all our staff and clients who have embraced the virtual challenges of meeting, consulting, training and keeping in touch this year. Many of whom have embraced our virtual sessions.

Jennifer Laptew, Marketing Executive, for both companies sees real value in regularly communicating with the team; “with many of our staff working remotely and not being able to see each other as much we used to, our staff and clients have welcomed these new virtual ways of working, learning and keeping in touch.

Because it’s more important than ever that all our staff and clients feel safe and valued, we have been asking everyone for feedback. With 100% of the candidates saying they found the sessions useful and the outcomes being so overwhelmingly positive, I wanted to share some of those comments:


  • “At the moment they [SFI] are doing a fantastic job and are amazing to work for”


  • “They are very approachable, and they are always there if you need them and give staff the opportunity to work independently”


  • “Everyone’s so friendly and welcoming”


  • “Open communication channels, all staff helpful, friendly and approachable”


  • “The feeling of being a real team”


  • “Support, seeing individuals achieve personal goals”


  • “The staff were very welcoming when I first started. I feel part of a team and also the company has a very good approach to their staff”


  • “Always got time or make time to answer or resolve and support any concerns I have”


  • “SFI you are doing an amazing job supporting those who are at a vulnerable stage allowing those individuals to thrive with the support you bring in and all that you do behind the scenes to keep the business running smoothly”


  • “I feel totally supported by everyone”


  • “Great session, really well presented, this has helped me build my confidence”


  • “It was a shame that we couldn’t have done it in person but given the circumstances, I think it was delivered brilliantly”

Thank you to everyone who attended our sessions and have taken the time to give feedback. We look forward to keeping in touch with our clients, colleagues and communities not just throughout the pandemic but to be a source of constant contact to everyone who needs us”.