This week is Occupational Therapy Week 1 -7 November 2021


OT Week 1st November 2021

Bringing equality and independence to the forefront of our industry.

Here at Rehabilitation and Support for Independence our vision is to make all our lives the best they can be and, that’s why we are supporting #OTsForEquity this OT week.

Brain injury doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone. But people who suffer from them are often discriminated against and misunderstood. An acquired brain injury (ABI) can leave individuals with ongoing impairments relating to attention, memory, communication, reasoning, and problem solving.

Such problems could prevent individuals and their families from finding and keeping a job, being denied access to proper housing and deprive them of the things that are vital to overall positive wellbeing and independence.

The pandemic has highlighted how poverty, deprivation, employment, and housing are closely related to health and mortality. This, in addition to a brain injury means we need to speak out now more than ever to help the people who need us the most.

Our goal is to help individuals regain independence, but challenges can prevent themselves because no two brain injuries are alike, and no two recoveries will be either. We understand that recovery is a long process and a journey that can take a lifetime to navigate and manage. Our aim is to help ABI survivors and their families get the support they need to move forward gradually and continually.

The client services area on our website provides different levels of support and encourages everyone to become more understanding of this invisible and often disabling injury.

We can do this by understanding about the little things that matter to you.

Help us raise the profile of health equality by telling us what independence means to you this OT week.

Join us by telling us what independence means to you starting with,

#MyIndependence is . . . . .

And tell us what independence means to you. Please comment and post and we will share your comments throughout the week.

Remember we are in Birmingham at the OT show on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th November, where we will be asking delegates what independence means to them and sharing on our social media pages. Come and see us on stand D70, we are looking forward to seeing you there. If you haven’t register yet you can do so here.