Susan Fursey

Susan Ormerod

Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

T: 0161 762 9876

Susan’s passion for occupational therapy and neuro rehabilitation, came about due to her experiences whilst undertaking her Diploma in Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Studies, combined with life experiences of family illness. Susan completed her Diploma at Coventry University in 2010, which was a practice lead course, with her placements being mental health and stroke rehabilitation led.

As a support worker, working within the community private sector, Susan worked with vulnerable adults with a variety of different and complex conditions. Tasks such as ensuring the individual gains their independence through shopping, money management, hospital appointments and personal hygiene. This was a complex role and involved helping to include the client’s families, who often feel left out after diagnosis. This role, which was both challenging and rewarding allowed Susan to expand on her interpersonal and communicational skills.


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