Nadia Slaouti


T: 0161 762 9876

Nadia is a specialised Head of Physiotherapy with10 years of extensive experience.  Nadia has a proven track record in paediatric care, all core areas of physiotherapy and is responsible for the training and development of fellow physiotherapists and assistants.

With extensive physiotherapy experience, Nadia has worked with many Multidisciplinary teams within the NHS, private sector, and internationally, providing physiotherapy to children and adults of all ages. Nadia has a wealth of experience when it comes to treating a variety of neurological and developmental difficulties.

Nadia is well equipped with the necessary skillset to incorporate all the following physiotherapy techniques, in order to treat and rehabilitate adults and children with varying conditions: manual and mechanical techniques, exercise prescription, Electrotherapy, Taping, postural management, Hydrotherapy and Cryotherapy.

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