Katy Yates

Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist

T: 07833 469669

Katy is an Advanced Practitioner Occupational Therapist and has been practicing since August 2002. Katy has spent the last 14 years working in Paediatrics.

Katy’s skills and knowledge have allowed her to play a pivotal role in the assessment and treatment of people who experience a neurological illness or trauma.

Katy has worked with babies, children and young adults with complex neurological, neuromuscular and developmental conditions, providing intervention in a range of settings including nurseries, schools and colleges (mainstream and specialist) and in the children’s own homes. She has also worked in the child development centre (CDC) assessment group, ward discharges of pre-school, school aged children and complex early referrals of babies.

Input often involved recommending equipment and adaptations at home and school, as well as assessment advice and treatment.

She has led a team for all aspects of OT associated with school aged children. Her emphasis was on community work, and used her significant expertise in postural management, specialist seating, equipment and adaptation provision. She also used her extensive, skilled knowledge of assessing and treating children with coordination difficulties. Katy carried out the day to day management of the team of ten staff.

Katy has built on her existing knowledge and skills to provide a newly commissioned service for sensory based Occupational Therapy. She has implemented sensory assessments and treatments for a range of children with sensory difficulties. In her previous role Katy worked hard to create a new pathway for this service which is based on the NICE guidelines for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

In previous roles, Katy has offered a sensory based occupational therapy intervention. She has delivered sensory awareness sessions to parents to equip them with the necessary tools to support a child with sensory needs. Katy worked in close partnership with the wider multidisciplinary team, along with strategic managers in order to develop a new pathway and approach to children presenting with behavioural difficulties. In addition, she has provided support to the junior members of the team with all aspects of the provision of health based paediatric occupational therapy.

Katy carries out functional assessments and continues to use standardised assessments when clinically reasoned to be appropriate. She has experience of working effectively as part of a multidisciplinary panel that looks at complex cases needing multiple services with a focus on ASD and ADHD. The panel often included consultant paediatricians, principle educational psychologists, lead learning disabilities nurses, highly specialist speech and language therapists, CAMHS, early year’s teachers and specialist health visitors.

Throughout her time in paediatrics, she has managed many extremely complex clinical cases and has extensive knowledge within this area.

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