Jac McKenna

Specialist Occupational Therapist (Psychological Health)

T: 0161 762 8976

Jac qualified as an Occupational Therapist from Salford University in 1985 and has been actively practising ever since. Jac is a passionate Occupational Therapist who, over the years has become recognised as a leader in her field having  demonstratated exceptional skills and knowledge over the years of working with adults who are facing psychological disruption and/or dysfunction.

Jac has worked in a range of service settings including acute and community mental health, community psychotherapy, medium secure rehabilitation and supported living.

Jac’s skills have lead her up the career ladder progressing to the officer in charge and head of service positions.  Throughout her career Jac has experience utilising a variety of techniques to foster engagement, Jac is also well experienced in using a variety of OT interventions that support self-efficacy, adjustment and psychosocial wellbeing.

Her expertise in psychosocial support, counselling skills, psychotherapeutic techniques, cognitive behavioural techniques, neuro-linguistic programming and emotion management have been applied to support the management of psychological, social and emotional issues including anger, anxiety, depression, pain and trauma, facilitating the development of coping strategies and independence.

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