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‘Don’t Quit, Do It’

Inspiring Journeys of Rehabilitation

Irwin Mitchell’s new campaign highlighting the benefits of sport in helping people recover from serious injuries and other major traumas in their lives is being launched today.

There are 9.4m people with disabilities in the UK but only one in six takes part in sport regularly, and Irwin Mitchell hopes that the campaign will also encourage more people to get involved.

Sport is often a good way to not only help with physical aspects of rehabilitation but can also help motivate and inspire people who find themselves coping with disabilities to get involved in new activities and learn to come to terms with their new situation.

The ‘Don’t Quit, Do It’ campaign features a series of inspiring films where sport has been used to help overcome injuries including wheelchair badminton, amputee cycling, rowing and horse-riding.

Introducing ‘Don’t Quit, Do It’

Launching with a film featuring a poem voiced by Giles Long MBE who is one of the most successful Paralympic swimmers of our time and a supporter of the campaign.

Later today Irwin Mitchell will be releasing the first client film featuring David Follett who represents England at wheelchair badminton.

Support “Don’t Quit, Do It” and download your own poster. You can also take a photo of the poster at a sporting event and share on Twitter using the #DontQuitDoIt hashtag.

You can read more about the campaign on Irwin Mitchell’s website at