Support Workers are top of the class


Our support workers have been top of the class lately with Louise Makin graduating from Bury College University, Lucy Bowes from Blackpool and Fylde University and Emily West from Leeds Beckett.

Louise has worked hard with her studies over the last three years and received a second-class honors degree in Working with Children and Families.

Louise enjoyed the course and is back to working with families. Louise is keen to apply her knowledge to her role as a support worker and to look after the young families she works with.

In the future Louise would like to continue her education and move on to complete her master’s degree.

Lucy fulfilled her role as a support worker throughout her studies and completed her degree course with a first-class honors in Public Services at Blackpool and Fylde University. 

Lucy is excited about the potential new opportunities that are open to her and told us she really enjoyed how varied and interesting the course was. Lucy is looking forward to applying her new insight and knowledge to the communities she supports.  

Emily has just completed her Diploma of Higher Education in Social Studies at Leeds Beckett University.

The course covers 12 modules including everything from auditing, to overcoming challenges to working with young people and children.

Emily has worked for Support for Independence as a support worker throughout the 2-year course and found the course very rewarding. It was an excellent opportunity for Emily to enhance her specialist knowledge and skills and apply them to her career.

Support for Independence are dedicated to raising the profile of the health care industry and strive for excellence in all aspects of Health and Social care are very proud of Louise, Lucy and Emily. They expressed pride in all of their Support Workers who, have been studying, working hard, and have excelled in all areas of their education and work during a very challenging time.

Emily is now keen to practice her skills in the working environment and promote the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities in one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue.

A massive congratulations to Louise, Lucy and Emily from all the team.

The girls are now looking forward to meeting back up with their fellow students and celebrating at their graduation ceremonies. The formal ceremonies will take place next year.