Support the extraordinarily talented children in our community defying all the odds!!


Winner of David Williams’ “GOLDEN BUZZER”, Sign Along With Us need your votes to secure another win. The local community group was set up Jade Kilduff to help her younger brother Christian, who has a brain injury called HIE, communicate with people.

The group combines signing and singing promoting positively to all, whilst giving it’s members, ranging from children to adults, a sense of inclusion where everyone is equal.

So far they have reached over 22 million YouTube views and counting . . . . . . . . .

These talented children are defying all the odds keep their dreams alive by voting after the show next Saturday.

Here’s Jade’s story

“I’m Jade and I have a little brother called Christian who has a type of brain injury called HIE, this was caused by him being still born for 24 minutes.

Christian also has cerebral palsy, visual impairments, global development delay and sensory processing disorder but above all of that, he is just the most incredible little boy.

We were told that Christian would never be able to communicate but I just didn’t want to give up, so I decided to start signing with him and eventually after 18 months he signed back.

Since then he has come so far and can now sign around 250 words and can even say some words too. He is just a miracle. Myself and Christian wanted to share everything we knew with the world in the hope that they would learn some sign language too, so then it would help Christian and other people like him to not feel isolated and to be able to communicate with more people.

We decided to set up Sign Along With Us and started posting signing videos online. Due to the positive reaction we decided to take it further and start teaching classes at the local community centre and this is where we got our amazing Sign Along With Us Choir together.

We just knew it was such a special group where everyone was included and could be themselves. We wanted to share our Group with as many people as possible in the hope to inspire them to learn some sign language as well as to showcase all of the amazing people who have overcome different difficulties and challenges in their life but now have been able to stand proud and say This is Me!!!!”