Support for Independence Safe Administration and Medication Training

Support for Independence

Support for Independence Safe Administration and Medication Training

Last week the Support for Independence Rehabilitation Support Team took part in a day of Safe Administration and Medication Training at our Head Office in Bury.

The aim of the course was to promote safe practice in all aspects of medication administration. Our enthusiastic team of Rehabilitation Support Workers were keen to develop both their theory and practical skills during the training session which centred around.

  • the Legal aspects of medication
  • what medication is
  • why people need to take it
  • safe storage and administration
  • different types of medicines, how they work and the possible side effects

The training was delivered by Sue Urquhart MCSP. Sue is a Holistic Physiotherapy practitioner specialising in Neurology and Complex Disability. Sue provides a wealth of knowledge and experience which she has developed over 30 years of clinical practice and study in her field, covering all aspects of health including – Physiotherapy, The Alexander Technique, Nursing, Ambulance Paramedic and Teaching.

At Support for independence, our company vision is “To make all our lives the best they can be”

We recognise that this can only be made possible with the passion of the people working for us. It takes a special kind of person to deliver our vision and provide the level of support and care we expect for our clients.

We are confident that we can achieve our vision by including and nurturing our staff. We value and support our team and provide opportunities for training and personal development.

We work with experienced and dedicated staff who are diverse and individual, bringing a variety of knowledge, skills, and experience to our company, making us a truly valued and diverse organisation.

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