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Staff Success Stories

Staff Success Stories – We give every person who works with us the opportunity to SHINE whilst delivering our core values.

We are a friendly team that encourage success at all levels. we are an equal opportunities employer committed to creating a working environment that is free from all types of discrimination, empowers our employees and encourages everyone to be the best they can be!

Rachel Walker | Senior Administrator

Rachel joined the team in 2018 when the company was a lot smaller with around 20 employees the company now employ over 55 people and Rachel has been promoted to Senior Administrator.

“I have lots more people to support and lots more work to do, but I just love helping people. The days at support for independence go so fast, when I go home in the evenings, I have a real sense of job satisfaction knowing that I have supported my colleagues in the best way I can, and I feel valued knowing I do make a difference”.