Specialist Occupational Therapy Services | Psychological Health


Specialist Occupational Therapy Services | Psychological Health

Rehabilitation for Independence offers all types of specialist occupational therapy services and we are pleased to announce we offer a psychological health service as part of our specialist occupational therapy services.

This service complements our existing services, will facilitate recovery, and ultimately bring independence a step closer to our clients.

The Service

Rehabilitation for Independence has seen an increase in the demand for this service.

To be able to offer Psychological assessments and treatment will help our clients improve their general health and wellbeing, improve quality of life, and reduce recovery time.

We have developed innovative ways of delivering evidence-based and outcome measured occupational therapy techniques to Include this psychological health service in our portfolio. Our specialist occupational therapist will conduct mental health and specialist occupational therapy assessments to explore an individual client’s current circumstances.

The assessment will include an evaluation of past and present functioning in relation to overall general health and wellbeing.

This enables our specialist occupational therapist to identify areas of strength and difficulty and to provide strategies to facilitate our client’s recovery back to meaningful routines and activities of daily living.

Our specialist occupational therapist works collaboratively with the client, their family, and the Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to identify and prioritise goals.

You can find out more or make a referral here.