Our Process

We provide the right staff for each client We take as much information about our client and their family as possible, whether this is by following guidance from a case manager or undertaking a client assessment. This means when we recruit to the post we can be confident that as close a match as possible is achieved, leading to a more successful rehabilitation journey for our client.

We offer choice to the client

We shortlist candidates, taking out all the stages of recruitment that can be difficult for our client and their family to undertake, ensuring only the best staff are introduced to our client and their family. Introductions are made at an informal meet and greet, making the recruitment a smooth process.

We employ the support staff

Once the selection has been agreed between our client, family and staff member we undertake all the relevant employment checks and undertake a comprehensive induction. The staff work with bespoke support plans implemented by the case manager or where a case manager is not involved, we have our own clinical team who ensure the relevant plans and risk assessments are provided.

We take care of all mandatory training and employment related tasks such as regular supervisions, quality audits on the staff and all holiday and pension provision.

Our Rates

Our rates start from a very competitive £21.00 per hour, these rates will depend on the level of expertise that each client requires, ensuring we have the flexibility to attract the right candidates for our client.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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