We offer a dynamic and holistic approach to our clients and their families, we consider all aspects of our client’s life to maximise independence. Specialist training is delivered by experienced occupational therapists with an extensive amount of knowledge in each subject area. We also offer expert medico legal reports and assessments for solicitors and case managers.

We offer expert medico legal reports and assessments for solicitors and case managers. Our team work effectively and in partnership with a range of rehabilitation and legal professionals to ensure the most comprehensive service is provided for each client.

Immediate Needs Assessments

Our reports are thorough and well evidenced, providing precise rehabilitation information, equipment, costs and recommendations. Our highly skilled team also offer Immediate Needs Assessments (INA’s). These can be delivered in a timely way to ensure the clients receive the rehabilitation they need as soon as possible.

Expert Witness

We are experienced in providing Expert Witness reports in the areas of; care, occupational therapy, equipment, housing adaptations and costs. We work regularly in the fields of clinical negligence and catastrophic personal injury claims. Our clients are both adults and children, with a wide range of conditions including neurological conditions, brain injury, spinal injuries, amputees and cerebral palsy. We can offer expert witness reports in all of these fields.