Due to injury and/or an increase/decrease in muscle tone, wrist positions can deviate considerably from normal alignment, which will reduce an individual’s potential for performance. We will undertake an assessment of an individual’s hand position and where deemed necessary, will provide hand splints.


Hand splints are devices applied externally, to restore or improve functional and structural aspects of the hand and wrist, where increased tone or trauma have resulted in the potential for deformities and have compromised function, in the absence of splinting. We can provide splints, which are purpose-made from thermoplastic material or neoprene or are offered from the pre-fabricated provision. We would consider either of the 2 categories below:

Static splints restrict or remove the potential for movement and are most frequently worn nocturnally, in order to encourage ‘muscle memory’ to develop, where normal positioning is learnt through persistent, assisted positioning.

Dynamic/functional splints allow movement and are designed to improve, reinforce and consolidate the wrist position for function.

We would provide splints in order to

  • improve range of movement
  • correct, discourage or prevent contractures
  • help to enhance the function
  • help to correct deformities
  • block unwanted deviation  of a joint