Specialist Equipment Assessment, Recommendation & Review

It may be that a client’s condition is affecting their ability to undertake everyday tasks; making life more challenging than it needs to be.  Our occupational therapists are highly-specialised in assessment, recommendation and review of specialist equipment, which can enable an individual to be more independent and improve their quality of life.

Assessment:  Our occupational therapists will visit the client at their home and/or school/college/workplace and undertake a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s requirements.  The therapist will establish the client’s and/or their family’s priorities – what could improve their independence?  Assessments can be undertaken with specialist companies, to establish the individual’s needs – what works best for them?

Special Equipment

Recommendation:  Following an assessment, our occupational therapist will provide written recommendations and justifications, detailing the clinical reasoning for and costs of the specialist equipment.

Review:  Our occupational therapists will be involved in the delivery and handover of the specialist equipment, to ensure correct and safe use is established.  It is good practice to review the use and appropriateness of the specialist equipment, to ensure it continues to meet the client’s needs.