Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

ChildAn Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan is for children and young people who need more support than is available through SEN Support, for example, the involvement of external professionals.  EHC plans have now replaced Statements of Special Educational Needs.  If your child already has a Statement, they should be transferred to an EHC plan by Spring 2018.  EHC Plans will address the broader health and social care needs of your child, rather than their educational needs only.  The Plan will also cover your child up to the age of 25.  The EHC Plan gives increased autonomy and choice to the client and their family through the use of personal budgets.

Read more about the Government’s special educational needs and disability (SEND) Guide for parents and carers.

Our occupational therapists are highly skilled in reporting on a child’s abilities, difficulties and requirements, which can be used to support the EHC Plan.  The Therapist will observe and assess the child’s physical and cognitive abilities and/or difficulties, which impact on their ability to learn and develop.  Our occupational therapists can contribute to the EHC Plan; working collaboratively to meet the child’s educational, health and social needs.