Specialist training is delivered by experienced Occupational Therapists with an extensive amount of knowledge of the subject area. All information we deliver is done so in an understandable way for each audience group, taking into account current research and best practice.

We can offer specialist training in the following areas:

Understanding Brain Injury. This training includes the functions of the brain and how this can be damaged, cognitive aspects of a brain injury including attention, information processing, memory and executive functioning – these are explained within the training. Training is delivered according to the audience and is tailored to focus on adult and children, where the development of the brain will be discussed.

24-Hour Postural Management. This training includes the importance of 24-hour postural management and equipment, within the rehabilitation process and the role of occupational therapy in the assessment, recommendation and review of equipment. The training will be client focused and will include demonstrations of postural management equipment which the client may be using and how to effectively incorporate this into a rehabilitation programme.

Training can be delivered to teams of professionals, teaching staff, parents and individually; to clients, support workers and family members. The sessions are a combination of power point presentations and practical demonstrations. Training can be provided in a variety of locations including homes and schools.

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