Environmental & Adaptation Assessment, Advice & Planning

adaptation assessmentIn the eventuality of a condition reducing an individual’s potential to access areas in their home; We will make careful consideration and assessment of the existing property regarding environmental modifications.

The assessment will establish if the property can be modified, in order to reduce the environment being disabling. We work closely with architects and planners, in order to establish the best scheme available to the environment. We aim to restore or enable independent living for individuals and their families, with the emphasis being placed upon the maintenance of privacy, confidence, dignity and quality of life.

For example, schemes could include improved external access, the widening of doorways, specialised bathrooms, accessible kitchens, provision of moving and handling equipment and the appropriate landscaping of gardens. Technology which allows complete independence is available in the form of electronic door openings, movement sensitive taps and height-adjustable washbasins.

We provide an individualised solution to a problem in all cases, wherever practicable, with a careful and thorough discussion with clients, families and/or support networks regarding their desires, expectations and ambitions.

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