24 Hour Postural Management

What is 24-hour postural management?

“A postural management programme is a planned approach encompassing all activities and interventions which impact on an individual’s posture and function. Programmes are tailored specifically for each child and may include special seating, night time support, standing supports, active exercise, orthotics, surgical interventions, and individual therapy sessions.”

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology

Posture ManagementRFI provide assessment, advice and recommendations towards a 24-hour positioning management programme. This may be in the form of prescriptive specialised equipment for daytime and sleep systems, for night-time positioning.

Specialised seating will offer an ‘exact fit’ in terms of seat length for leg measurements, lateral support for trunk support and head support for assistance with head control, in order to maintain symmetry, improve environmental opportunities and enhance fine motor function.

Specialist beds will allow for height adjustment and profiling potential so that the client and/or carer can ensure an optimally comfortable position.

At Rehabilitation for Independence, we aim to establish a Postural Management Programme which includes activity, equipment and controlled positioning, which manages an individual’s posture. It is imperative that individuals are positioned correctly, to promote appropriate alignment of the body and joints, encouraging symmetry at all time. Ensuring comfort will encourage individuals to be able to learn, retain information and undertake everyday activities to their full potential.

At Rehabilitation for Independence, we believe that Postural Management is a ‘whole team approach’ with the individual at the centre.  We will work closely with families, other professionals (including education) and support networks, to identify the most appropriate approach, taking into consideration every aspect of an individual’s abilities, challenges, social circumstances and environment.

Our occupational therapy team is highly experienced in the assessment of appropriate equipment to manage an individual’s 24-hour postural needs. These needs are reviewed on a regular basis, using appropriate outcome measures. Our occupational therapy staff work with a variety of companies, to ensure that the equipment provided meets the individual’s needs.