See how the teams at RFI and SFI beat Blue Monday by it turning into a day of kindness


Blue Monday takes place on the third Monday in January. This year, Blue Monday falls on Monday 18th January 2021 and is often considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Introduced in 2004, the campaign behind the awareness day claim that the combination of bad weather, post-Christmas debt and failed New Year’s resolutions all contribute to Blue Monday being the most depressing day of the year.

For some, Blue Monday is considered a pseudoscience. However, for many people across the globe, Blue Monday is a very real phenomenon and has a significant impact on their wellbeing.

Regardless, it comes at a time when people might need a bit of cheering up, so it is a great opportunity for us to discuss and support each other with our overall emotional and physical health during these difficult winter months.

Today we started the day with something different, to make Blue Monday a day that encourages people to do nice things for each other. 

The team were encouraged to carry out an action that would be a benefit to someone else. Something they would not normally do, there were no set rules, just use the day to perform one random action of kindness. Be as fun and creative as you like just to remember to be safe and sensible.


The team baked cakes for each other, made pictures, called old friends and even shared some feel-good memes to create a day of kindness and beat the Blue Monday blues!