Packed out for Mark’s presentation!




Mark presents at the OT Show at Birmingham’s NEC to a packed house!  More than 150 people turned up to listen to Mark’s presentation on ‘iPads and their use with children’.

Mark joined many speakers who presented on different aspects of occupational therapy.  Sessions ran throughout the 26th & 27 November.

Mark concluded,

“Within this technical world we live in, it’s essential that Therapists have the knowledge to incorporate information technology into their practice.  I have successfully incorporated iPad and other forms of technology into my practice with positive outcomes.  Information Technology can be used to ensure the client remains independent with activities of daily living.”

The presentation highlighted the ways in which information technology can be incorporated into practice, in particular, iPad technology.  Mark describes,

“It is essential that Therapists keep up-to-date and ensure practice is proactive and dynamic.  This presentation hopes to provide Therapists with confidence in using such technology with their clients.”