Our team is growing and shaping our mission and values


“It is our mission to enable and equip our clients to achieve good health, general wellbeing and ensure commitment to their recovery through active participation. We promote activity, improve quality of life and aspire to the consistent realisation of our client’s full potential.”

This can only be made possible with the passion of the people who are working for us. It takes a special kind of person to deliver our mission and provide the level of support and care we expect for our clients. That’s why we are so excited to welcome our new support workers Dorothy Moore, Sarah Houston, Keith Norris, Lynn England and Louise Makin to the team

Our support workers are out in the community assisting our clients and delivering our mission and core values. We give every person who works with us the opportunity to #SHINE whist delivering our core values:


Aspire – We are experts in our field and are working to build a strong future for the health service.

Holistic – our approach is reflected in the importance given to social and psychological aspects of the rehabilitation process we treat the whole person, including mind and body, not just the injury.

Independent – We are fuelled by our determination to empower and encourage our clients to fulfil their goals and harness their full potential, gain independence and develop a strong sense of purpose.

Individual – We listen, learn, continually adapt and to meet our client’s need’s.

Passionate – We believe in the services we provide and our ability to make a difference.

Every day we are on a journey working together to be the best we can be, to bring independence back to the lives of others.