Vacancy: Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor


Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

Vacancy Type: Full time 37.5 hours per week

Starting Salary: £21,900 per annum

Base: Bury Office / Community

Reporting to: Service Lead Occupational Therapist

Closing Date: Monday 1st March 2021

Role Summary: This is an exciting opportunity to work with Occupational Therapists supporting children who are experiencing sensory processing difficulties and facilitating therapy sessions to enable the child to achieve their goals and participate in activities in the home and school environment.

This is a varied and rewarding role, the post holder will also have the opportunity to provide high-quality occupational therapy support to children and adults who have acquired brain injuries, physical injuries, and mental health difficulties, supporting them to retain and regain independence.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated team player who will work under the direction of a registered Occupational Therapist delivering one-to-one and occasional group therapy sessions within the objectives of the agreed therapy treatment plan.

The Technical Instructor will promote Occupational Therapy recommendations and empower parents, teachers, and clients’ families to support the client to achieve their individual goals. They will provide compassionate care while demonstrating empathy, kindness, and maintaining respect and dignity.

The Technical Instructor will competently support the client during therapy sessions without the need for direct supervision. They will actively work to Identify, co-ordinate and undertake continual professional development and training.


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