My OT and Me: A Client’s Story


My OT and ME: A Client’s Story

How has OT input help you change your life?

Before Steph assisted me in improving my organisation within my daily routine, I was a completely shy and reliant person. However, with the input I’d received, Steph helped me make my own choices and would also consider what I wanted to achieve. By sharing my ambitions with Steph, I was able to become a confident individual as well as more outgoing and self-assured as I would take control of certain tasks for myself such as cooking, baking, and scheduling time for all my other passions. I was introduced to learning bus routes which was scary, without doubt, at first, but it enabled me to find another way to access the local community. Having an OT means that I can develop my life skills, such as managing money and make rapid improvements when given guidance on how to adapt to an unfamiliar situation. I can navigate the supermarket due to frequent visits which have ensured that I can purchase my necessities without any regard.

What does a typical OT session look like?

OT sessions involve reviewing my goals which had been set the previous week and we would discuss my strengths or weaknesses I overcame when completing these goals. Steph would also want to know if my goals had been accomplished and whether or not I was progressing with them. If I found it difficult to complete a task, Steph would assist me in making decisions that would help me resolve the problems I had when I attempted to execute the goals.

How has OT helped you reach your goals?

My desire has always been to be independent as this would allow me to recognise my capability and would also allow me to not rely upon my parents as well as preparing me for my future. Before Steph introduced me to plastic knives, I would never have gone near them as I’d have the fear of hurting myself whilst using them and therefore became quite hesitant and afraid to utilise them. However, Steph initiated the idea of using plastic knives and knives with handles as this would minimise the chance of myself being injured. I’ve learnt how to use the oven safely especially when baking. I had also been taught certain techniques when using knives as this would also reduce the likelihood of being hurt. Ever since I’ve used the plastic knives, I’ve become more independent and poised in the kitchen. Without OT, I would never have been able to complete tasks on my own or even realise my potential in the kitchen using different appliances.

I would say that I’m quite indecisive so Steph had advised me to have an organised daily schedule, which would rectify this issue. In addition, I had decided to recreate the timetable with assistance from my OT. By having a structured plan, I am aware of what priorities need completing at a specific time, giving myself breaks as well as including exercise into my daily routine.

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