Moving and Handling Training


Moving & Handling Training
Handling Techniques

(6.5 hours)

Our training programmes are all taught by highly qualified and experienced trainers.

The course includes moving and handling legislation, risk assessments, back awareness, equipment, techniques and practical scenarios.

The training is facilitated by Sue Urquart Bsc (Hons) MCSP MSTAT.

The practical components of the course include:

• Back/posture awareness theory
• Lifting an object
• Posture/mvt considerations when moving and handling people
• Hoisting
o Safety checks prior and during use
o Types of hoists + slings/compatibility
o Fitting a sling
o Manoeuvring a hoist
o Hoisting chair/bed
o Hoisting from the floor
• Sit to stand, stand to sit
o 1/2 person from side
o 1 person from front
o Using a handling belt
• Posture management and seating and repositioning
o Importance of ensuring good seated position
o Handling techniques
o Shuffle forwards/backwards
• Transfers
o With/without equipment
• Getting in/out of bed and positioning in bed
o With/without equipment
• Rolling
• Wheelchairs
o Safety checks prior and during use
o Push/pull/slopes/kerbs/doorways
o Transferring into boot of car
• Car transfers
• Falls management
o Controlled falling to the floor
o Self-help techniques
o Working in confined/awkward spaces
• Falls prevention
• Controversial techniques

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