Manual handling Training


Last week the Support for Independence rehabilitation support team ventured out. They took part in a day of manual handling training and best practice at the Simply Moving and Sleeping centre at the heart of Hebden Bridge, Halifax.

Our enthusiastic students were keen to develop both their theory and practical skills during the training session which centred around; Why is correct manual handling important, looking after your back, moving and handling regulations and practical techniques such as:

  • Sit to stand
  • Standing using active standing aid/transfer aid with belt
  • Using flat slide sheets to reposition the bed
  • Fitting slings in lying and sitting
  • Hoisting using a mobile hoist
  • Hoisting and bed transfers using a ceiling track system

The training was delivered by Jo-anne Webb. Jo-anne is a well established Occupational Therapist who also spent 25 years working as a lecturer at the University of Salford.

Following the training, Jo-anne said “Fabulous moving and handling training day with support staff. We practised safe sit to stand, the use of stand aids, slide sheets and both mobile and ceiling track hoists with all the latest kit provided by the Simply Training Academy at Simply Moving and Sleeping Centre.

The Simply Training Academy offered the perfect site to carry out our manual handling training. We were provided with a fully equipped room including ceiling track systems, mobile hoists, beds, specialist seating and all the manual handling soft goods that are required.

The whole team had a productive day using the equipment, developing their knowledge, skills and even having some fun”!.

The team would like to offer a big thank you to John Kershaw for access to such fantastic facilities!

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