Lilly Hudson – Client Story

Rehabilitation for Independence

Lilly is a bright and happy ten-year old, she lives in Longridge and for the past four-years has had regular treatment from Rehab for Independence. Her main treating occupational therapist is Steph Cole.

Lilly was born with cerebral palsy due to birth trauma and this affects Lilly’s body movement.

Lilly’s condition affects her daily living activities including; mobility, hand function, speech, cognitive skills, play activities, posture and positioning. Lilly, with Steph’s support, works hard on these areas however she can become frustrated when trying to manage these aspects of daily living.

Lilly needs support from two people throughout the day in order to access functional tasks. Lilly also struggles to access certain environments and communities.

Rehab for Independence’s work with Lilly focuses on:

  • equipment assessments and provision
  • training for Lilly’s support staff
  • moving and handling assessments, equipment and training
  • adapted vehicle assessments and provision so Lilly can now go out into the community, attend school and visit family/friends

The goals that Lilly has worked hard to achieve through her sessions with Rehab for Independence include:

  • independently mobilising through her powered wheelchair
  • feeding herself
  • improved posture and positioning through equipment and therapy to reduce long term effects on her body
  • improved hand function and skills, working with the rest of MDT, being able to be more functional tasks such as driving a powered chair, using communication aids, play activities and horse-riding
  • safer moving and handling techniques and utilising equipment that has been put in place to assist Lilly
  • accessing home environments
  • accessing outdoor equipment for example playing in the sandpit/water and playing on her swing
  • she has developed much greater skills and independence in all areas of her life

The future looks bright for Lilly as she continues to show progress and develop her skills and independence. Rehab for Independence are passionate about working in partnership as part of Lilly’s wider MDT, this collaborative approach means the best care and support for Lilly as she grows.

There are exciting times ahead for Lilly with a newly adapted property to move into in the very near future. This new home for Lilly will mean her environment is fully accessible and will allow her increased independence in daily activities such as washing her hands, face and moving around her home. She will also benefit from greater access to leisure activities such as Lilly’s favourite – horse-riding and visiting the stables.

Lilly’s mum, Nicky Hudson says “I have been so pleased with the progress Lilly has made with the wonderful support she has received from Rehab for Independence. She has come on leaps and bounds and that is down to the expertise shown by the RfI team. Steph has developed a fantastic working relationship with Lilly. Lilly looks forward to her sessions with Steph and we couldn’t ask for anymore from a rehabilitation team.”