Ingleton Waterfall Trails By Kiran Bashir


“In order to progress with my aspirations of visiting new places, this was an immense opportunity for me as it was situated further away from home, in North Yorkshire, as well as being an unfamiliar setting.

This particular waterfall had been recommended by my speech and language therapist which I researched and agreed with due to my avid passion surrounding waterfalls. I had made a list of necessities for the journey and after completion, I’d travelled with my support worker, Emily.

I’ve perceived waterfalls as a beautiful and tranquil part of nature, gazing at the water drizzling and hearing it crash against the rocks, is such a relaxing sound which enhances my disposition. For this reason, my dedication to visit Ingleton waterfall counteracted the nerves I was feeling during the journey to travel somewhere completely unknown.

When we had arrived, I was an eager beaver at the waterfall trail as the photos I’d seen online were eye-capturing and wanted to identify them for myself. We followed the footpath over inclined ground, which was a scenic trail, and after walking across some bridges, we came across the River Twiss. We also encountered the First Pecca Falls and I became enraptured as it was just the start of a beautiful journey. We then reached the Pecca Twin Falls where the water was descending aggressively which I thought was profoundly mesmerising. We captured a spectacular view of a huge waterfall, and we then walked into the water to take a closer observation. The noise of the waterfall increased steadily, and I felt an overwhelming sense of exhilaration before taking some stunning photographs of my visit. The waterfalls that I had seen were completely new to me, especially Thornton Force as it effused with a brownish colour.


The total walk took between 2.5-4 hours and the hike was certainly incredible as I witnessed some awe-inspiring waterfalls. This experience has helped me to develop my self-confidence and I feel assured visiting unfamiliar places that I can cope with unexpected situations. From my perspective, you should always be adventurous and be willing to visit new places as you could visit similar places or more daring ones in the future, which would let you discover your ideal preferences”.