Good Luck Victoria


In January this year, we were delighted to welcome Victoria Ross to the team on a 10-week student placement.

Victoria is in her third year studying for a BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy at the University of Central Lancashire.

As part of her qualification, Victoria is required to work in the industry to get some “hands-on” experience of being an occupational therapist. Victoria has gained a great many skills and experience during her time on the course and in her earlier career working in public services, the charity sector and the wider community supporting both adults and children.

We are pleased that during her time at Rehabilitation for Independence Victoria was given the opportunity to utilise the skill set she has already been working hard to develop, she was given a further opportunity to work closely with the team and clients to achieve her future goals and further develop her skills and experience.

Victoria has all the great qualities that make an amazing Occupational Therapist and the whole team has enjoyed their time with Victoria getting to know her and helping her with her placement.

Last Thursday the team said a fond farewell as Victoria’s placement came to an end. We wish her all the very best with the remainder of her studies and we are confident that when Victoria qualifies, she has a bright and rewarding future ahead as an Occupational Therapist.