Coronavirus Update: New measures in the Northwest


Last night the government announced new restrictions to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

The new restrictions are banning people from different households in our region from meeting indoors in their private homes or in their private gardens and potentially affecting millions of people living across Greater Manchester, parts of East Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

The announcement came just hours before the new restrictions came into force and may have caused a level of confusion.

Following these new guidelines carefully this will mean as of today Friday 31 July 2020 that unless we are advised otherwise it is anticipated that these new measures should not affect any of the services we currently provide to our clients.

The team already have strict measures in place. Our staff intend to continue to deliver the high standard of care that has continued throughout this time.  They will continue to apply best practice, refer to our risk assessments and quality policy statement on reducing the spread of Covid-19. Remain alert and apply due diligence, observe the social distancing rules and where social distance cannot be maintained will ensure they wear PPE.