Carers lose Supreme Court fight for minimum wage


This Supreme Court ruling means Carers in England on sleep-in shifts are not entitled to the minimum wage for their whole shift. The ruling made on Friday 19th March states that “workers who stay overnight at a client’s house to assist them during the night are not entitled to the minimum wage”.

You may have seen the above ruling over the weekend on the news which some of you may have been concerned about and so we wanted to clarify the position for you.

Support for Independence can re-assure all our team that this ruling will not change the amount SFI pays its employees for sleep in shifts.  Wages for sleep in shifts will continue to be paid at minimum wage plus accrued holiday for the full 8 hours of each sleep shift.

We are proud to announce this continued rate of pay recognises the hard work, flexibility, and commitment you are providing to your clients and ensuring their safety.