Launch of the Physio Matter Ambassador Scheme


Last Friday saw the launch of the Physio Matters Ambassador Scheme. Both RFI and SFI were proud to be part of such a wonderful event which saw five inspiring individuals be crowned the “Physio Matters Ambassadors” for 2020. 

Physio Matters, Owner and Clinical Director Colin Green launched the program as part of the Physio Matters 20-year celebration. He opened the event saying “Today is about people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Today we recognise their experience, determination, hard work and positive attitude. We want to hear people say ‘just because I have a brain injury doesn’t mean I can’t do things anymore. I can still be active; I can play golf and I can help others.’ You may not think you are role models, but you really are”.

Each Ambassador had a “buddy” who was a clinical member of the Physio Matters team. In turn each buddy introduced their Ambassador and shared their inspiring story. Anastasia Giljazova, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist was the buddy of the Gym and Fitness Ambassador Ikhlas, she shared his journey with us saying “you are always keen to do more, you motivate me”.

Stephen, the Physio Matters Ambassador for cycling, spoke after receiving his award “I never thought I would ride a bike again, I did it with the help of my buddy. The Physio Matters Active programme helped me find a clear pathway to get back into cycling again. I am excited to meet people who have been through the same as me and I hope to offer insight to those in recovery. It’s been really nice to hear everyone’s journeys and I’m honored to have been a small part of that”.

Mark the Ambassador for Golf said, “I can’t believe where I was to where I am now, from not wanting to leave the house to not wanting to stay in. Our job is to get better and help others get better, we are not individuals, we are a team; it’s hard work but you’ve just got to do it. It doesn’t just affect the individuals but everyone, carers, families and the therapy team – it’s a pleasure to work with you and welcome you into our homes.”

One young lady who RFI and SFI were particularly proud of was the Ambassador for walking netball, Zoe. Zoe was knocked down by a car four years ago on her way from her job as a nursery nurse.

Since then Zoe has been working hard to increase her daily activity and is now an active member of a walking netball team. Zoe has played in tournaments, made lots of new friends, improved her balance and coordination and most importantly she is really is enjoying herself.

Jane Dee, Registered Manager and Care Co-ordinator at Support for Independence said, “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Zoe and watching her confidence grow. It’s fair to say she is an excellent ambassador and role model for the sport, and we are all so proud of her.”

Zoe received a certificate, a T-shirt and trophy in front of her family and friends at the Physio Matters Ambassador launch event. The event was held at the Hollinwood Business Centre on Friday 24th January. Zoe and the other Ambassadors will now continue on their journeys dedicating their time, sharing their experiences and helping others on their rehabilitation journeys.

Thank you and well done to Zoe, the Ambassadors and the team at Physio Matters for sharing their journeys and allowing us to be part of a truly inspiring evening.