COVID-19: UPDATE Thursday 19th March 2020



Thursday 19th March 2020

In these unprecedented times we are facing huge uncertainty and during this time we have adopted a number of flexible working policies to ensure the continuity of our services for all our clients. We have taken into consideration government guidelines, CQC advice and the advice from other  professional bodies such as RCOT and HCPC.

Our therapeutic recommendation, goals and interventions are based upon each individual client needs.  The intervention and support our therapists provide is imperative to prevent deterioration of our client’s, health, their rehabilitation and ultimately avoid the need for emergency respite.

Following advice and if deemed safe our aim is to continue to provide services for our clients.

We have implemented the following actions:


  1. In accordance with Public Health England, Rehabilitation for Independence and Support for Independence has issued a detailed quality policy statement to all staff along with detailed guideline regards
  • Hygiene and Infection Control measures
  • Use of PPE
  • Self-Isolation
  1. Suitable PPE is available to all staff
  2. Client specific risk assessments and management plans are in place
  3. All staff have been given a community and home visit procedure
  4. All staff have access to the communication tools required to work form home. We have minimum staff working from the office. This is to ensure continuity of service and to deal any with emergency situations.

We understand that this is a worrying situation and we will do our upmost to support you and work together to ensure our client’s and staff and community are safe.