Support for Independence

Support for Independence is an individualised support service which is bespoke to each client’s needs, working with both children and adults.

Our support workers are all highly skilled in all forms of communication and can quickly build rapport with their clients, their families and other professionals.

This highly specialised service means our clients are able to make the most of their rehabilitation journey, aiming to reach and surpass their goals in order to live as independently as possible and enjoy their quality of life.

Our team, work hand in hand with clinicians, medics and other professionals in order to pull together in partnership for the good of the client, sharing rehabilitation goals and working on these as part of the wider team.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your clients’ needs and see how we can support you.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Support for Independence to value and support our staff, so they can inspire, support and problem solve on a daily basis ensuring the best possible rehabilitation journey for our service users.


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Royal College of Occupational Therapists