A day on the ICE Trikes


A day on the ICE Trikes

On Tuesday 21st September the Bury office was visited by Adapte. Adapte is a company that provides recumbent trikes for individuals who might not be able bodied or stable enough to ride a standard bike Adapt-e will specialise in finding disabled and adaptive customers the best riding solution for their needs.

The event was organised by Susan Ormerod Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor at Rehabilitation for Independence. Susan arranged for Paul Hallinan to come in for the day and allow staff to try out the different trikes available.


Two group sessions took place one in the morning and one in the afternoon to give everyone the opportunity to take part. After a safety talk and sometime familiarising with the bikes the team were ready to go.


A 5 km loop around Bridge Hall Drive under the watchful eyes of Paul and Susan saw the teams’ competitive sides come out with some individuals almost reaching the 40km an hour mark!


The bikes are beautifully engineered with the teams feeling like celebrities as they passed dog walkers, postmen, van drivers and members of the local community who stopped to talk and comment on how good the trikes looked.


Having enjoyed the speed, sat in a seat that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed this is an experience which brought great enjoyment to the team with comments such as


“That was an amazing experience, I’m so glad I got to try that I was much better than anything I could have imagined”.


“It felt so comfortable and safe it’s great quality, engineering and style at its best”.


“I could have stayed out all day. I can really see how our clients can benefit from that”.


“We are all about helping individuals regain independence and with something like this it gives our clients the chance to be active again”.


To round the day off nicely Susan provided everyone with a certificate, trophy and medal with awards for individuals in recognition of …. “Mum of the group”, “daredevil”, worst parker”, “most relaxed rider”, and most competitive.

No matter what your pre-existing condition, age, or the effects of the ravages of time on a well-used body, ICE Recumbent Trikes afford access to the outdoors in a way you will never dream possible book an ICE Trike demonstration and find out!

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