A Day In The Life Of… Carrie Leach – Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

Carrie Leach

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Bury but lived in Germany for eight years and Canada for three years. I moved back to Bury in 2010 and began working for RfI in 2013.

Where did you study?

I am currently studying for my BSc Degree in Occupational Therapy at Salford University and fingers crossed will qualify in September 2019.

Where did you work previously?

Previously I worked at a rehabilitation centre, based in Bury which is where I met Mark. I worked there from leaving college but then after marrying in 1998 I moved away with my husband who is in the British Army. I spent 10 years following/supporting my husband in his role which meant moving around a lot. During this time I volunteered and completed online courses. While in Canada I also played ice hockey, in a team that consisted of other army wives (we we’re very good at socialising after each game!)

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm clock or my kids!

I can honestly say I love my job. No day is the same and I love working collaboratively with our amazing clients in achieving their goals, building therapeutic relationships with the clients, families and the carers.

The team at RfI are very supportive. Mark has given me the opportunity to study for my degree and all the team have been at my side throughout. I look forward to hopefully making them all proud in graduating and I can’t wait to get stuck into a band five role within RfI in October (if successful!)

What’s an average day look like for you?

As already mentioned no day is the same, but generally my week consists of

  • Cooking sessions
  • Cycling skill sessions
  • Fine motor skills sessions
  • Travel training
  • Booking and arranging equipment assessments
  • Arranging servicing for client equipment
  • Attending training and supervision

What’s been the single best moment of your career?

Can you ask me again in September?!
Qualifying will be a huge personal achievement for me and I can’t wait to put all I have learnt along the way as a student and within my OTTI into practice.

If you didn’t do this job – what would you do?

The past few years everything I have done has been so focused towards achieving my goal of qualifying. I couldn’t imagine doing any other job.

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